Additional Round of Proofs / Design Direction Change

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This option is for an additional three rounds of proofs (3 are included with your order) or if you have changed your design direction. Because of the time that it takes to modify each order, we must collect this in order to begin. To avoid this in the future, please select one of our ready-made designs to begin with. There is no charge for making edits to our ready-made designs but if we are still testing waters or don't know what it is you would like, we highly recommend enlisting our CUSTOM DESIGN service in which we discuss what it is you are after, give you an estimate, and proceed to completion. The fee for custom design begins at $75 (depending on what your needs are) and is separate from printing / materials fees. Please note: Due to our peak season January - October, we are can only accept a limited amount of these types of orders and April - June is almost impossible so we recommend ordering our ready-made or ordering as early as possible if you would like a custom order. 

***This is a separate fee on top of your current order and no refunds are accepted for this personalization***

Important Note: As a courtesy, three (3) rounds of proofs are included. Depending on our schedule, we do sometimes include an extra round but not a complete design direction change.

Proofs are different from the Custom Sample: Proofs allow you to make changes to see what it will look like and a custom sample allows you to make the changes but you'll also receive a physical copy. 

This listing applies to ONE (1) design direction change OR a new set of THREE (3) rounds of proofs in your originally chosen design.

Due to the personalized nature of the work involved, this purchase is non-refundable.

Please also note that any agreed upon scheduling is forfeited and a new schedule will be applied. This is due to our current projects in line and/or items that we'll have to wait for receipt of.

Also included in this listing is Color Exploration - begins at $35+ (when colors have to be just right): 

Your event may incorporate multiple colors. Because of this, if you would like to see your colors incorporated into any of our designs, this can be considered a semi-custom design order (because the ready-made and/or already shown/displayed option is NOT being selected). For each color variation, it takes time to enter file and adapt new color considerations. Because of this, a small fee will be charged for color exploration that is different from what is seen AND when you would like to see multiple options. If you know your colors, great - there is no fee. But if not, this option is perfect for you!

For colors over 3 and/or color combinations not yet known requiring additional timing, the fee may go up. How we know it might be more? You have more than three colors that each add up to more than 6 invitation proofs in the end OR you have two or more colors and you've already seen them past the three standard rounds. Please note that we do not accept or do any rush designing during our wedding season - January through September. Please consult with us ahead of time should you require color exploration and we'll return our schedule and/or let you know if we can accept your project. This fee is non-refundable once we have started.

This applies to ONE (1) design only and includes:

1-Your chosen invitation type personalized in your wording
2-An additional two (2) rounds of wording edits to your invitation design chosen
3-Up to four (3) rounds of color options to your invitation design chosen

Proofs: LIMITED to THREE COLOR options round of digital proofs (per card)

Hardcopy Proof: ONE hard copy proof can be requested at an additional fee (shipping only included in the above try before you buy option)

Shipping: All samples are sent out via USPS Priority Mail which is 2-3 business days in the US and 6-10 days in transit out of the US. For expedited shipping, we will forward the fee to see if you would like to proceed and bill you before the item ships.

Due to the personalized nature of the work involved, sample is non-refundable. 


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