You are viewing a small list of services offered. As a full-time designer, there are additional design / production services that may not be listed here so please ask for more information. Because most work is done quickly, most projects are priced out as a flat fee and/or per project with itemized descriptions of all deliverables. All other and/or smaller items are priced by the hour.

Current hourly rates are $95 an hour for design work (when not part of a package) and $35 for light production, print and web changes. Pricing will vary per project and an estimate with deliverables will be sent and agreed upon before proceeding with any project. Prices are subject to change without notice. 50% deposit is due to begin. Balance can be split up into two payments with the balance to be paid BEFORE files/artwork/web launch/printed items are delivered. No exceptions.

Take a look below for some common items or contact me by describing your immediate needs (all that you want and need for your business and/or all that you’d like to have) and what is most necessary and most important (what you can't live without for the moment). Send me your links/information and I will recommend a strategy for what I think is best.

Basic Print & Web Design Services

  • Business card design only – $125 (includes 1st rd of cards-restrictions apply)
  • Letterhead & envelope design – $150
  • Letterhead, envelope & biz card combo - $250
  • Facebook/Twitter/Etsy Header design – $125
  • Label Design/Bumper Sticker – $25-$55 (dependent on size/usage)
  • Invitation design – $200+ (dependent on # of pcs)
  • Magazine / Newspaper Ad design – $200-$750
  • Promo flyers / Info card design – $75-125 ea (for single cards or flyers, post cards, thank you cards, etc.)
  • 2 or 3-panel brochure design - $100-250 (double-sided)
  • Retail shopping bag design – $45-$150
  • Hang tags design – $40-$100
  • Signage – Price based on size/project/usage
  • Packaging design – Need more info - pricing varies.

Web Design Services

  • Web page updates/changes – $35 an hour (please provide any/all username/passwords or for full site access / privileges.)
  • E-blast Newsletter design – $150
  • E-blast Newsletter web coding – $150
  • E-blast Newsletter design & web coding – $250
  • E-blast Design via service such as MailChimp / Constant Contact – $75-$125
  • Web Headers design only – $125 (Etsy/Twitter/Facebook/WordPress)
For projects/work not listed, please contact me for more information and/or for a custom quote.

Work I kindly say no to: Book jacket design & Complex Illustrations

Work I don't take in lots of: Branding projects (2-4 per year)


All logo packages include formatting and logo usage guidelines. Final files will be delivered digitally and will include .jpeg, .png, and .eps files. Color codes are included in final files along with color specifications in your delivered logo usage guide. Typeface names (aka font names) will be provided, but no font will be exchanged. Recommendation for a “similar” font may instead be communicated.

DIGITIZING LOGO $75+ Send me your logo so that I may give you a proper estimate.
Have you ever been asked for a "high resolution" or "vector format" of your logo? And has your response been either "Whats' that?", "I haven't seen my logo disks for years" or "I scanned from a piece of paper and turned made it into a .jpg. That should work, yes?".

Logos used for print and web are two different creatures. If you submit your logo in an incorrect format to a printer and it printed pixelated, jagged, or just didn't print well or has a strange border/halo, it wasn't the right format originally. A standard logo package will automatically include the appropriate formats but you already have a logo and just need it formatted / digitized. I offer this as a service and can do most logos. Depending on your logo artwork, I can recreate, redraw or digitize your logo so that you have it in not just one but a few different formats with specifications of what each is best used for.

What happens if you or someone else loses these files? No worries and no need to re-digitize. I save everything and can resend these to you for a $35 archival / retrieval fee.

This Logo Package includes up to 2 revised concepts based on your current logo (no new directions/complete logo overhaul changes). I provide up to 2 rounds of revisions (in your already existing company/personal color(s)) with final files delivered digitally.
*No new concepts = no full re-design. If I find that adding/removing an element is in the best interest of your company and/or reaching your logo's full potential then I will include it, at my discretion.

This Logo Package includes up to 3 different concepts based on your feedback regarding your current logo. Once a direction is chosen, I provide up to 3 rounds of revisions (in your already existing company/personal color(s)) with final files delivered digitally.

Time for a little change? This Logo Package includes color consultation, 4 different concepts based on feedback regarding current logo, color options, short logo questionnaire and up to 2 coordinating patterns (either background / border) to start implementing into your brand. [ Revisions included in this package: Color consultation: 2x revisions | Chosen logo direction: 3x revisions | Coordinating patterns: 1x revision ]

Ready to go all out? This Logo Package has all of bells & whistles including color consultation, 4-6 logo directions based on your feedback & logo questionnaire, secondary logo / watermark, 3 coordinating patterns to start implementing into your brand.
[ Revisions included in this package: Color consultation: 2x revisions | Chosen logo direction: 3x revisions | Secondary logo/watermark: 2x revision | Coordinating patterns: 1x revision ]

These prices are not for full branding (see below) but something quick to get you off the ground. Pricing for full company branding will vary but begins at $950 and may include color schemes, logos, typefaces (aka fonts) and any illustration/textures/backgrounds/images.  back to top


Web design packages listed are base pricing only. Additional features & services are available by requesting a personal quote, web changes billed at $35 an hour and/or design changes at $75/hour. I will quote/re-quote as needed and will not proceed without your email/signed approval.

$35 an hour for basic changes / $55 for copy writing / $75 an hour for pages requiring custom code, design and/or layout changes. After speaking with you regarding your needs, a quote will be given and approved before we begin.

Perfect for those needing a face lift but aren’t familiar with web development. I will add/remove/update pages, update pages with new provided content, change out colors, implement new logo (if applicable) and launch.

I will design (limited) pages, add provided content, and launch
What’s Included: 
-Digital Mock-up design for landing page and 1 secondary page.
-A single “Progress” Landing page while full site is in the works
-A single “Home/Landing" page
-Up to 8 Interior pages
-Contact form
-Made to match existing brand

Web design includes a flexible and user friendly CMS/WordPress platform. Basic website design package includes my “More Thank Your Basic" Logo Package for a cohesive look and feel. Up to 8 pages (usually home page, about, contact, testimonials, pricing/product page etc.) are included in the initial set-up. You, the Client are responsible for providing copy & content for all pages.

Looking for a website that has shopping cart features? Our E-Commerce Website option includes all of the features of our “Website Design” package but adds in shopping cart features. Pricing may vary depending on set-up & chosen shopping cart.  back to top

I have a camera and took photography for a few years. Does that make me an expert - no. I don't even consider myself a "photographer". I do have an eye for design and layout and can help with your basic photos. I can direct you to a few people that can do wonders with your photos but a Professional Photographer can charge $1500 + to start and that may only be for a few product shots. But hiring me is perfect for those who don't know their way around a camera and/or don't have ANY photos (especially perfect for new businesses). This is where I come in and together we will compile a list of important shots but leave further photography to the pros. It's not about the money and I will always give you nice photos but I know my limits. I don't do weddings.

For just your basic photos, an hourly rate of $75 an hour will be charged and includes photo editing. All images will be delivered digitally in .jpg format.
Basic photos – $75/hour
Photo styling – $75/hour or flat fee of $75 (this is in addition and/or in preparation for your photos and may include props/other set-up).
Photo editing only (not part of above basic photo taking) – $55/hour  
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Brand consultation – $125/hour
Marketing plan development – $125/hour
Interior styling – Price based on project

For hourly projects, my rate is $95/hour for design or $35 for basic production. Please email me with your specifications for a custom quote. Estimates will be sent including description of work, deliverables (what to expect and/or what you will receive from me) and price. If you don't see it called out, it may not be included so please ask beforehand.  
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SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT (not priced by the hour since its ineffective)
Social media management can be hired on an as-needed bases. $1500+ a month is standard for two channels (channels may include 2 of each of the following: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, other). Prices will be agreed upon once we discover your needs. This does not include paid advertisement through the channel but does include content creating, post artwork recommendations/creation using your branding guidelines, calendar creation (should you wish to continue on your own after the initial meeting). For those wishing to book monthly/regular sessions, there is a discount for a monthly contract of 4 months or more. For each additional channel, additional $750+ per month. These fees are for my consultation, recommendations, with a minimum of two months.  back to top